Brooke A’mor was inspired by my daughter. I came up with the concept to start a clothing boutique based off of my daughter’s uniqueness, her personality,the art I created. Our style is defined by who we are. I dedicated this to Brooke A’mor and made it for the world to see and that’s when fashion came and introduce itself.

Brooke A’mor started June 17,2017 when Miss Brooklyn entered the world. I knew my passion, my vision, my love for fashion was about to change and that I needed to work hard to accomplish my goals. Fast forward 3 years later and here we are.

Brooke A’mor is more than just selling clothes. It’s about loving the way you dress and styling yourself to fit who you are. It gives you options as parents because we always want our kids to look nice whether it’s spending a day with the family, going to the park or simply showing style in school. Our promise is to make parents and kids lives less complicated by putting those options into one. Let Brooke A’mor help lead the way.



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